Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shangri La; Artists and Inspiration

We have four children, currently they are in the kitchen fighting about how many lychees represents a can and how many they can or should have. Molly is singing the dark side song from Sweeney Todd...
No for the cynical it's not just a poor excuse to put Johnny Depp into my blog, cause clearly you don't need a reason! The musical has become a funny little cult amongst the music students at the school where i teach, they love it blood and all. 
Anzac Day Jon Dixon

the war effort, Jon Dixon

When Jon is sculpting it is often odd things that start a sculpture and the end result may have no relationship to the idea that started it, i tend to to do the same thing in reading following trails in books starting with one and reading a reference from it to determine the next...

I enjoy waiting to see what will come next, we are cocooned here in the protection of our little shangri la , meanwhile in other parts of the country there are horrendous fires and flood..

people cacoon, jon dixonI can't really imagine not having sculpture as a part of our world now, there is always something new coming into our lives its a combinations of excitement, creativity and sometimes frustration ... i wonder if that's how Sweeney Todd started out?

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