Monday, 28 January 2013

A Giant Canvas for the Games we Play

It was back to the world for me today, summer holidays over and the real world call us back to it. I returned home to find a motor home parked in the drive ways and a Chinese family bouncing around the drive way obviously so excited after having spent some four hours in the park.
The gentleman was apparently amazed at the lifestyle we lead and in particular the freedom that Jon enjoys as an artist.


Even in developing the park there is absolute freedom for me in the gardening endeavors, and it's a privilege.


I can watch gardens grow and develop over the course of the year, have new ideas about them and change directions.

The sculpture park is turning into one giant canvas where we are free to play which ever game we like and develop it where we see fit, it is exciting...

Of course there is a bit of help from mother nature, she provides a fair pallet to work from........

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