Thursday, 17 January 2013

Welding and Sculpture and Frankenstein

Jon's welding away in the shed, Erin the youngest commented that his shed looks like Frankenstein's Laboratory; an amusing note from a kids that probably has never seen an entire Frankenstein movies in her life. She is right of course, the constant flashes emanating from the shed do leave room for the imagination to run wild. Whats he building in there? Currenly its a missing puzzle piece from a larger sculpture this is the bit he removed to create a window. The idea is it will tie the sculpture to the garden to create a work of art rather than just a wall...its like a key in a lock if you will. It does look at the moment laying prone in the shed table more like a gravestone that the final puzzle piece...and that's the thing with art, sculpture and literature all the same one thing reminds you of another lights flashing in a shed remind a nine year old of Mary Shelly's Monster...perhaps there is nothing new.....

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