Friday, 4 January 2013

saturday at the park

so plans for the day where that Jon was going to get the eldest up at the park and working.....however by 10am it was clear the early start was not to be. Despite the late start caused by the previous nights nerves about the local bushfire much was accomplished by lunchtime. There was a siting of a visitor in the park who clearly had wondered around but when approached dissipated into the either, the reason for this behavior remains unclear and seems to be a common feature of sculpture park life, perhaps it could be that people dont really know whether or not they are supposed to be in the park and so scurry off like scared rabbits when they are approached....sad really cause we (jon) (chris) and the kids love meeting all the visitors to the park and specially when they are international guest all the better cause it makes the kids see there is a big wide world out come visit and stay a while

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