Friday, 18 January 2013

Mythmaking and the Crawford Giant

Fast disappearing are the old hand split posts which once covered the farmland, all replace now by treated pine posts. Obviously the pine is more environmentally friendly but there was a real skill in splitting the posts. As a child i remember having been amused when my father used the log splitter as an alternative for home made fireworks..him and his mate loaded the splitting gun with black powder and made a bang that reverberated around the little valley of South Mole Creek. The ensuring blast made out ears ring, we felt it in the pit of your stomach and all scurried home nervously after underestimating the level of the blast. One of the old timers who lived here when we moved into Lyons taught Jon to split posts and had a story of the Crawford giant a log that was so big that a record 94 posts were taken out of it.....
The story goes that they came across a tree so big that the saws couldn't cut right through, finally they cut it down  and chopped it into log lengths , despite this they were unable then to remove such big logs because nothing could get into the dense bush to remove it. so finally the decision was taken to cut the tree into 6foot 6inch posts and the recorded 94 were just from the butt of the tree.
The sculpture of the Crawford giant plays with that and is the exact circumference of the tree in the paddock over from the park...

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