Friday, 25 January 2013

Ausralia Day and Trees

Happy Australia Day, what ever that may mean to you! For me i fear its a mixed blessing as i love the country i live in would loath to have to leave it but recent the dark history by which we came to live here.
Our sculpture park affords us lots of freedom, in the studio there is paint and clay and a plethora of artistic materials for the kids to have a crack at and even the house yeilds to out whims with the Tardis coming along nicely.
We have an amazing abundance of wildlife, that are free to roam around the park and to enjoy for those wanting to share it. It is still the bush and of course the wildlife comes first...
We dont want to change the bush to suit the needs of the park rather work around it and let the sculpture enhance the bush ..sometimes the bush seems to take ownership of the sculptures and start to absorb them....
someone once wrote that something to the effect that : I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree, oh hang on those knowledgeable people (Wikipedia)  tell me it was someone call Joyce Kilmer , in that's endurance.. anyway i expect he is right but i am sure can still spruce our trees up a bit (no pun intended) !
There are some big tree's at the bottom of the park, hard to compete with in terms of beauty.
The trees will still be here long after we are all gone regardless of how we got here or what we choose to celebrate, have a great day and have a sausage for me!

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