Thursday, 24 January 2013

Gobsmacked, Summer and Ritual

gobsmacked! Jon Dixon
This is the last Friday of my holidays, its as the above picture suggests is gob-smacking, it's all over, i am not complaining i love teaching and look foward to the challenge of new classes. It seems funny that on returning to the staff room on Wednesday and seeing my desk i felt excited.
Work becomes a ritual and as i mentioned previously the modern world is all too short of ritual.
Ritual stones Jon Dixon
 I am really enjoying writing this blog, i noticed a fiends blog has a update schedule for Sundays, it made me wonder how often i can get to this once work resumes. i have never been great at routine and sticking to things except study and work.
Cacoon Jon Dixon

It seems easy to end  up cocooned in our work life,  while all sorts of tragedy and drama can unfold in our personal life work remains stable and you can rock up and pretend all is well.
 Last week i watched a friend's small child throw a massive wobble at our house, screaming as his father picked him up and took him to the car, i found it amusing, after four children of my own i have had my fair share of tantrums, stay at home mum have a real task while fathers escape off along to the cocoon of work.
People Cacoon jon dixon
I think writing of the blog is therapeutic, it makes me consider Jon's sculptures in a different light and there is of course a long history of art as therapy, so perhaps im just self medicating!
Big Huggy Jon Dixon
I hope reading it might bring a smile to someone else or Jon's sculptures might either way is good. The comedian Adam Hills suggested that we can be either inflaters or deflaters, make people feel good build them up or let them down, so this is my inflating effort.

oh and about the cat:
Cat Beau and Jon Dixon

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