Monday, 21 January 2013

Art, mistresses and snot

There are lots of women in the Lyons Sculpture Park, big one's small ones, the one above is my favorite, to me she is dancing, like a belly dance smooth and pure. She was sculpted by Jon with thought and love. She for a small time was his mistress!
There is a long and distinct history of torsos in art beginning I'm informed by the wise and all knowing Wikipedia ( since was 5th and 6th century ancient Greece...well i don't really want to offer a history lesson but Jon's has sculpted lots of beautiful torso..he molds, cressesses them and them if he is still in love with them offers them for sale to to a new and worthy home..their the lucky ones..

If however he should fall out of love with then end up in a stack of mangled, disenchanted soul on the stack of lifeless limbs cast away like a piece of snot.

Sometimes for the very fortunate there is salvation when on a simple stroll he spots a sculpture within the stack and the passion is revisited and they are saved from the pile to be put ones more upon a pedestal and praise....

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  1. Love the first sculpture. When I saw it I thought I saw a noose at the top of the stone, and thought your mistress was some disembodied ghost, but then I caught on to the sensual curves of the stone and voila, there she was. Nicely done. And I love the discarded pile too. Very cool, Dixon.